About State Street Housing


Who We Are

State Street Housing was founded in 2005 to develop housing in the state of Texas and the Southwest United States. The company’s founders and owners, Kelly Garrett and Jeff Spicer have combined their complementary skills to form a well-rounded development partnership. As principals, they have more than twenty-five years of hands on experience, each, in the area of housing development. Kelly and Jeff’s combined backgrounds encompass all areas of real estate development and ensure a comprehensive approach to housing development. To-date, State Street Housing has been awarded and constructed ten properties in Texas and Louisiana, and has over $100,000,000 in real estate.

How We Are Different

At State Street Housing we are commited to developing Class A communities. We strive to build a community where both our residents and the local neighbors are happy with our property. As the owner, developer and construction company we are able to deliver the best product every time. Our commitment to assest management allows us to maintain our properties to the high standards and ensure that none of our properties are less than acceptable.